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About Us

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Cato's Tiny Tots is  a childcare where we teach with love.

In our program,  we believe that every child has a voice and a gift for learning. Our providers spend each day helping your children use both to better their educational experience.  In our program your child will enjoy learning The Building Blocks of Pre K : Introduction to alphabets, numbers , colors , patterns and basic math. In addition, they will acquire social skills, sensory development, problem solving skills, tracing objects and physical education.

We know that  children are their best when they are happy therfore our teachers make learning fun by creating games that help our kids learn together leaning on both peers and providers. We pride ourselves on creating learning experiences filled with laughter , structure and ingenuity. Structure to teach our children how to behave in a school setting, ingenuity to help them create learning tools that will help them throughout their academic careers and laughter to keep the party going!

Upcoming Events:
2023 Enrollment Is Open!
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